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About ERI 

Expert Review was founded in 1998 to serve clients who demand the

highest level of medical expertise coupled with superior customer

service and expert consultation.

The ERI team is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest

quality  network of physicians in the industry. We accomplish this by

rigorously credentialing each and every physician before they join

the Expert Review team.

With Expert Review, you can always be confident that the physician

handling your assignment is currently or has recently been an active practice, licensed in their

respective state and board certified in their specific field of medicine. 

The importance of this to you is that if an Expert Review is challenged you can be assured that the reviewing physician's credentials will work to your advantage. When necessary our physicians

make for exceptional expert witnesses. 

The ERI team is friendly, knowledgeable and immediately available to answer all of your questions. We pride ourselves in being flexible, tailoring our services to meet your specific needs. We understand the sensitivity of the private medical information entrusted to us and we have made all necessary accommodations to ensure data security.  

One phone call to us and you will experience the ERI difference, so please make that call today.